The Hope

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Offering emergency care

The Hope

The Hope is a place where we offering emergency care, need and protection to a child and child labour in associate with the network members of an-anya Child Development Network. Once the child comes to stable condition, immeidately we link his/her with Child Welfare Committee / District Child Protection Officer to take necessary step to address the issues and problems of child.

In case of Child Labour, immediately we interacting with his/her family and providing oppertunity to child to start / continue his/her education. Our team undertake the counseling session with the Child Labour family and took the child into Child Home and provide support to continue his/her education. During regular education we also provide the life skill education to child and enterprise promotional support to his/her families.

Our partner organisations are Grace India Childrens Home, Dream India Childrens Home, SADHAN Childrens Home, New Vision India, Abhiram Ashrita Balashrama and Bapuji Sishu Ashram.

We rescued 148 Child Labour those are working in different hotels, road side restaurants and stone units and provide support to them to continue their education.