The Hope

Facilitation to form Child Clubs

Institution Building

Institution building, its grown and strengthening the base as a player of development and equipping to face the developmental and societal challenges are the major aspects of an-anya (unlocking potential). Since its establishment, we facilitated to form Child Clubs at village level and their forum at local self governance level. The Child club structure is coming under two different groups (a) 8 – 11 years and (b) 11 – 17 years). We are conducting Life skill education training for 11 – 17 years adolescents and boys and ensuring for effective management of their health standars.

Community Mobilisation

Our Approach

Rapport building with village leader and local self governance structure has been made. Since the inception of an-anya (unlocking potential) we facilitate to form Child Clubs and Parent Committee at village level and the forum of Child Clubs at local self governance level.


(a) Identification of the existing issues of children with the cooperation of child clubs and protection of the rights of the children and child labour, so as to enhance their unity, leadership and advocating ability.
(b) Protection of child rights through collective effort and rapport building with local self governance structures to control over child abuse cases
(c) Reduce child labour cases and mainstreaming them with education system. Wherever those child having no interest on education in that case we will conduct the alternate education and skill development training for their betterment future.
(d) Creating consciousness among the parents to create a platform where children able to share their ideas with common people.

Parents conference

Our Initiation